NFL Tournament Details

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Here are the details for the NFL Tournament @ Eagan High School

Leave Cooper High School at 1:00 PM, will be at Armstrong around 1:10 PM and than to Eagan High School.  We will be returning around 9:30 PM.



Winter Practice Schedule

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For all students attending the 2015 Section Tournament (or simply want to help those on the team prepare for sections) here are the official practice times:

Monday, December 29th from 9AM to 12:30 at Cooper (B-Circle Room 241)

Tuesday, December 30th from 3PM to 8PM at Brookdale Library (6125 Shingle Creek Pkwy. Brooklyn Center, MN 55430)

These two practices will be used to finish cases, practice rounds, etc.  If you have questions, go to the forums and post away…

Robbinsdale Birds of Prey

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Students debating at the Robbinsdale Birds of Prey should arrive at their respective buildings by 8:15 AM.  All LD’ers should go to Armstrong High School.  All PF and Congress go to Cooper High School.

Debate Info Night @ Armstrong & Cooper

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The debate season is right around the corner and we are having one more “information night” before we officially start practice on Thursday, September 11th.

Armstrong High School - September 9th, at 2:20 in Room 220.

Cooper High School – September 10th, at 2:20 in Room B241.

We will meet until about 3:45 PM.  Student can take the activity bus home.  If you have any questions make sure to ask.

Debate Information Meeting for 2014-15 Season

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Looking at joining the Robbinsdale Debate Team?  Join us at our information meeting on Monday, August 18th, 6:30 PM at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School.  This meeting is for parents and students interested in joining the debate team at either Robbinsdale Armstrong or Robbinsdale Cooper High School.

Our agenda is simple:

  • What is debate?
  • How do I join the debate team?
  • When do we practice and when are tournaments?
  • What is debate camp and should I attend?

Looking for more information about our debate camp.

Download our brochure to get additional info

If you are unable to join us for the information meeting and want additional information, contact us anytime!