Debate is back!

Let’s walk through how the season will work. If your question isn’t answered here or under our FAQ, please email Head Coach DJ Brynteson at

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will meet in-person at your school from 3:35 PM to 5:45 PM. This will be like our traditional practice schedule where we will do group discussion, drills, and practice.

Students will practice in two groups: Novice and Varsity in LD.  In Congressional Debate, the state is moving to a House (1st and 2nd Year) and Senate (3rd and 4th Year) model for tournaments, we will hold practices together and break out into different rooms as needed.

For most tournaments, we will leave around 7:45 AM on tournament day and return around 4:45 PM. If a tournament has a different schedule it will be noted via email.

Please see the calendar for all the information.

Registration Forms
Debate will require registration with the school. Each school now allows on-line registration and payment.

CHS Registration Form
AHS Registration Form

Tournament Details

Below is a list of tournament information for parents and students. Please note that we will pick up from COOPER HIGH SCHOOL for all tournaments listed below.

The return time is always an estimate. We recommend students to text/call parents as we are getting onto the bus.

Tournament Location & DateLeave TimeReturnAttending from AHSAttending from CHS
Wayzata HS – 9.23.20237:55 AM5:15 PM