Good news, there will be a 2020-21 debate season!  The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association (MDTA) is working with the MSHSL on how to adapt the rules and processes for this season.  These details are being worked out and should be ready well in time for State and National Qualifying tournament.

Let’s walk through how the season will work.

Our plan is to hold virtual practices from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM on Tuesday and Thursdays.  In addition, each coach will also develop an “Office Hours” plan that students can sign up for one-on-one time.  We will hold practices together with Armstrong and Cooper.  Although you will still compete as different schools, we are going to run practices as a joint team.  This gives us more flexibility, better practices and more ideas.

We will break students into Novice and Varsity in LD.  In Congressional Debate, the state is moving to a House (1st and 2nd Year) and Senate (3rd and 4th Year) model for tournaments, we will hold practices together and break out into different rooms as needed.

Most, if not all, tournaments will be online and held virtually.  This is something the National Tournament did this summer and it worked with great success.  The MDTA is working with the NSDA and MSHSL to have qualifying and state events in-person but that is to be determined at a later time.

Registration Forms
Debate will still require registration in the activities office.  The district is working on an online model but until then the old paper model is still needed.

CHS Registration Form
AHS Registration Form

In-Person Practices/Tournaments
Debate will follow the district model in terms of in-person practices.  If the district opts to move from Distance Learning Plus to a Hybrid or in-person model on October 19th we will re-evaluate how we run practices as well.