So it’s upon us now.  It’s the tournament weekend at Cooper and Armstrong.  Here is the details everyone needs to know.

If you are volunteering – if you can come to the building by 7:30 AM.  Those who are debating, you need to arrive by 8:15.  If you are an LD’er, you need to check-in with Chyenne.  If a PF’er/Congress student, you need to check in with me.

This is important!  If you are a debater, expect to be at the building until 6:30 PM ish.  We need to go through all the rooms and clean them up.  And that is very important to the success of the tournament.  Here is who I have going to the tournament.

LD – Andrew, Jenna, Collin, Celisia, Luke

CD – Tanner, Sam, Amy, Tristan, Erika

PF – Maddie, Olivia, Seth, Sara, Mel, Hannah, Michael, Isaac

If you don’t see your name here you should let me know.  I know that Claire was going to stop by Armstrong to assist and Greg to Cooper.  If there is anyone else please let me know also.

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