Southern MN NFL Congress

Here are the details for the 2013 Southern MN NFL Congressional Tournament.  Here are the details for this Friday’s Tournament.

Leave Cooper at 7:20 AM and Armstrong at 7:25 AM.  You are excused from school for the entire day.  We will return at approximately 5:41 PM.  I have the following students attending:


  • Andrew
  • Tanner
  • Celisia
  • Greg


  • Olivia
  • Maddy
  • Sara
  • Seth
  • Hannah
  • Mel D Mel
  • Sam

If you want to attend (or be removed from this list) you need to let me know ASAP!

One thought on “Southern MN NFL Congress


    Hey…so in speech it was suggested that I debate in Student Congress to up the number of people in a way that might be advantageous to y’all. Can I? Please? No school Friday? Emilia said I should ask DJ, so…DJ? Can I?

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