Wayzata Debate Tournament

We are really excited to get started with the debate season.  If you are new to debate, welcome to the team.  Each week we will send out an e-mail detailing the upcoming tournament and look back at last weeks.

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Tournament Info
Location: Wayzata High School
Date: Saturday, Sept 22nd
Leave Cooper: 7:40 AM
Return Cooper: 5:00 PM

A couple of items I want to call out here.

#1 – We will always pick up and drop off at Cooper High School.  It is easier to have a single location rather than go to both schools.

#2 – The return time is approximate.  Tournaments can run ahead and behind schedule all the time.  We always suggest for students to call their parents as we load up the bus.

Attending Tournament
The following students have registered for the tournament this weekend.  If you believe this is in error at all please let me know right away.

Cooper: Connor, Bethany, Isiah, Aidan, Andrew, Matthew, Angela
Armstrong: Nadrat, Luis, Noah, Roger, Cody/Michael, Maggie, Anya, Alex, Grant, Julianna, Walter, Eli, Logan, Brenden, Finley, Atmos, Audrey, Anis, Mark (Watching)

Since it’s the first tournament there are often lots of questions.  If you have any please feel free to e-mail or text me (763-458-4702).

#1 – Food?  Is there any?  Yes.  Almost all tournaments have concessions.  Typically it’s Pizza or Subs and $5 will cover the costs of just about anything.  Otherwise, students can always bring food.

#2 – What should students bring?  Any notes that might be helpful.  Make sure to have a notepad and pens to take notes.

#3 – What should students wear?  Debate is business professional.  First year students will often be less dress than experience debaters.  But its common to see suits, ties, power blazers, etc.

#4 – Can parents watch?  Absolutely but most kids don’t want you to but you should.  🙂  If you ever want to see a tournament please let me know and I’ll make sure you can watch some debate without scaring your own student.

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