Parent Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Tournament Information

Information will be posted on the Robbinsdale Debate website ( for each tournament.  If you go to the calendar and click on a particular tournament it will let you know what our pickup/return times/locations are.  For example, a tournament could be found here:

All tournaments this year we will pickup and return to Robbinsdale Cooper High School only.  This is a change from pervious years as we are trying to simplify the pickup/return process.

#2 – Tournament Logistics & Random Items

  • Student should either bring money to purchase lunch from concessions or bring a bag lunch at all tournaments.
  • Once a student has registered for a tournament it is important than attend.  Every tournament we go to we must pay a per student fee for them to compete.  Additionally, we have the one judge for two students.  So as you can imagine, is students skip out of the tournament it costs the program money (registration and judge costs).  There are obviously emergency situations but I ask parents to remind their student of this.  Students who skip out of multiple tournaments will be asked to reimburse the program for the costs.
  • Debate tournaments are considered a professional event so students are expected to dress for success.  Students are asked to wear appropriate clothing.  We discussed it in depth today with the kids but if you have any questions please do not hesitate in asking.

#3 – Judging Debate Tournaments

At every tournament we attend our school is responsible for bringing one judge for every two students competing.  So as our team has grown we continue to look for people who are willing to help out.  There is no requirement that you competed in debate previous or have judged before.  Debate is a communication activity and therefore anyone should be able to judge.  We always do a judge training to help you with the basics of how to judge, etc.  There is a paid stipend to judge (it’s not much but makes it worth your time) or you can donate that back to the program.  If you are interested or know anyone who would be please feel free to reach out to me so we can discuss.

#4 – Can I watch?

Absolutely.  Parents are always welcome to attend a tournament.  Just let me know when you will be at the tournament and I’ll make sure you can find your way around the building.

#5 – When are practices?

Practice occurs at each high school on Tuesday and Thursdays (Armstrong) and Monday and Thursday (Cooper) from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM.